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Exercise Physiology Appointments

First Appointment

The opportunity for you're Exercise Physiologist to understand you, your wants, your goals and your needs.

Measure your current ability and work with you to develop your individualised plan.

Standard Appointment

Your private, individualised sessions are developed by your Exercise Physiologist specifically for you. They may consist of a combination of rehabilitation, exercise sessions, program development, follow up assessments and consultations.

Semi-Private Appointment

Complete your tailored program in the comfort of our studio under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist. Capped at 3 participants to ensure adequate supervision. We offer Reformer Pilates and Gym based semi-private appointments.

Online Appointment

We are also offering online appointments via secure video call, also known as telehealth. Your Exercise Physiologist will be able to see where and how you are completing your home exercise program, check your technique and progress your exercises as necessary.

Classes (Timetable below)

Our classes are capped at 6 participants to ensure you receive the attention and care you deserve in a class setting. All classes are delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Participants are required to attend a “First Appointment” prior to attending their first class.


A collaboration between structured strength work, Reformer pilates, Free weights, and Cardiovascular exercises.
Perfect for toning muscle, assisting with weight loss, building structural strength and ensuring you feel great.

(Beginner to Advanced)


Our general circuit class combining the best of cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and a good laugh. Designed increase muscle tone, improve bone density and keep you doing what you love for longer.
Perfect for those with low bone mineral density, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

(Beginners & Seniors)

Clinical Pilates

All our Clinical Pilates services are delivered by Accredited Exercise Physiologist with further Clinical Pilates certifications, therefore rebates may be available. All Clinical Pilates participants are required to attend a “First Appointment” prior to attending 1-on-1 or semi-private appointments.

Individual Appointments

1-on-1 sessions with your Exercise Physiologist for treatment and management of injuries and/or chronic conditions.

Semi-Private Appointments

2-on-1 small group sessions, to complete your own personalised program under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist.

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